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Our School  »  Educational Visits

We widen and enrich the curriculum by taking the children to museums, concerts, theatres and other places of interest. In recent years, residential visits have been organised for older pupils. Such visits prove very popular and educationally rewarding.


School resources are however limited and we need to raise sufficient funds to enable these visits to go ahead, for this reason all parents and carers are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost.

If any parents or carers are unable to meet the cost of activities, we will try to find ways to help where we can.

We have also trained several members of school staff to drive 17-seater minibuses. This means we can often substantially reduce the cost of transport. When costing trips will often request that the cost of fuel is covered by voluntary contributions.

We have also recently gone into partnership with Farsley Farfield to purchase a minibus which we can use more regularly. We also hope that this allows us to use the whole city to regularly enhance the curriculum we offer.
Permission Slips
When we plan to deliver events that are different to normal provision, we will often send out a letter with a reply slip that requires the signature of a parent/carer to give the pupil permission to take part. Training, advice and guidelines have highlighted the importance of this written consent. Without it, it is very likely that a child will not be allowed to take part in the activity. We want to avoid this if at all possible.
Verbal permission over the phone is no longer acceptable. Please make every effort to complete and return permission slips before the event is to take place. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.