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Summer 1 Week 6 Update
Well what a busy half term we have had in Year 4. I cannot believe that our residential is only 12 days away and that we only have 1 half term left together.
The children have worked extremely hard this half term and I am very proud of them, especially with their Skipping.

Skipping Festival
This half term, the children have been working very hard to practise their skipping skills and the skip dance that we put together ready for the festival in the last week of the half term. The children were very well behaved and did not just me but the whole school proud.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the finals but we did come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 7 of the events throughout the afternoon.
A massive well done to all of the children!

A visit from the Etz Chaim Synagogue
Earlier in  the half term, we had a visit from the Etz Chaim Synagogue. This linked to our RE topic of Judaism and we were able to experience and taste a few of the traditions that Jews experience each week.
We tasted some special bread and tasted some of the grape juice that the children drink during Shabbat.
It was a very enjoyable afternoon!

Photos to follow.

Things to come next half term:
Ingleborough Residential - 6th to 8th June
Wellbeing Day (SRE) - 18th June
Trip to Ilkley Tennis Club - 19th June

Summer 1 Week 2 Update

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday. The children have been fabulous at getting back into the learning routine despite the number of timetable changes we have already had over the past 2 weeks.
We have been very lucky already as we have had 2 different PE visitors in with us: Leeds Beckett University students teaching us some Dance and Jodi from Skipping School to help us with our skipping! In the dance lessons, we were portraying our
emotions in small groups and in Skipping we were learning about the skip dance part of the competition.  

We have also had the pleasure of having Junior Jam back with us on a Tuesday. In these lessons we are learning how to animate on the iPads. The children are really enjoying this and I cannot wait to see the end results!

In English, we have started to read and understand 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. The children have really engaged with the book so far so I am looking forward to reading their versions of the story in a few weeks. (Examples to follow)

Spring 1 Friday Focused Learning
3rd January - 19th January 2018
We have had a great first three weeks back after Christmas. I have loved getting to know all of the children within Rowan class and I am looking forward to some even more exciting learning experiences between now and the end of the year!

This half term it is our class's turn for Friday Focussed Learning. For this, the class is split into 3 groups and participate in 3 different subject areas over the course of the half term: Cooking, Drama and Science.

In the Science sessions, we have been trying to see if we can make a paper clip float. The children were given the equipment that they needed and I just left them to it. It was very interesting to see how the children coped with working out how to make the paper clip float.

In Cooking, they have been looking at different things that we could put into our lunches to keep them healthy. We have made Savoury muffins and fruit salad. I hope the children have enjoyed making these.

In Drama, the children have participated in different warm up games to develop their team work and listening skills which are essential within Drama lessons. They have then moved on to acting out different parts of their favourite films and performing them. The children have really enjoyed this!

Things coming up:
24th January : NSPCC assembly
1st February: Harry Potter Day
5th & 7th February: Parent/Carer and Teacher Consultations.
Week beginning 2nd October 2017
Another jam packed week here in Rowan class! Safety week kicked off on Monday with our first Well-Being Day (when we do all our PSHE learning). Year 4 learnt all about how to keep themselves safe both online and offline. The morning involved learning how we can keep ourselves and others safe within emergency situations, including giving basic first aid. We then learnt how we can keep ourselves safe in the local area and how to keep ourselves safe when gaming. 
Safety week activities continued on Wednesday when Year 4 spent the day with the Road Safety team learning how to use the streets and road around their local area sensibly. The children also took part in 'No Pen Wednesday' activities in the classroom, such as acting out the story of Boudicca's revolt. I was very impressed with all the children's acting skills!
We have also been learning about measuring in mm, cm and m in maths and writing complex sentences using conjunctions in English. 
Helping someone having an asthma attack, someone who has a serious cut and someone who is choking. 

  • Travelling back in time to the 24th August AD79 Pompeii, we need to warn them about the eruption! (Tuesday 10th October- children may bring a Roman inspired outfit/clothing if they wish)
  • Active Learn maths and reading assessments.
  • Writing our recounts from our visit to Pompeii.
  • Using the written method for addtion and subtraction. 

Week beginning 25th September 2017

Wow! We've had another absolutely fantastic week here in Year 4. The week kicked off with an African drumming workshop on Monday afternoon where the children learnt a short piece on the drums, each playing different rhythmic patterns together to make a brilliant (if very loud!) ensemble. 

On Wednesday, all of Key Stage 2 enjoyed an short exercise session in the park with Mr Morgan for National Fitness Day. I must say, all the children looked very smart in their new Parkside PE uniforms. 

All children are making fantastic progress during our swimming lessons. This week I have been especially proud of my group who have almost mastered a perfect breastroke and the children in Mick's group who were picked to attend the Leeds City swimming trials. Well done to all!
We have lots to look forward to in the coming week, including Well-Being day on Monday where we will learn all about 'playing safe' both online and offline, voting for Head Boy & Girl on Tuesday, pedestrian training on Wednesday and also indvidual photos on Wednesday!
Pompeii Instructional Texts 26th Sept
Week beginning 18th September 2017
Rowan class have amazed me with their fantastic learning this week. A particular highlight was reading all the children's instructional texts for the people of Pompeii... Not long until we get in our time machine! I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to improve and edit their writing when working in pairs to help each other proof read. Pictures of the children's fantastic writing will hopefully be online by next week.
Year 4 had a fantastic end to the week spending Friday afternoon at the Methodist Church making bread in celebration of Harvest Festival. The whole class must have superb kneading skills as I've never seen dough rise so fast or so big!
We have lots to look forward to this coming week, including an African drumming workshop on Monday afternoon.


Week beginning 11th September 2017
What a fantastic first week of 'real' learning! Rowan class have really impressed me with their enthusiasm in all areas of learning. 
In Maths we have been revising concepts from Year 3, such as the place value of digits up to thousands and adding and subtracting mentally using known number facts and bonds. In English we have begun our learning for 'Mission: Save Pompeii. In a number of weeks we will be travelling back in time to 24th August 79AD to warn the people of Pompeii about the imminent deadly volcanic eruption. To prepare for our adventure we have begun to plan our instructional texts for how to survive a volcanic eruption to give to the people in Pompeii. We have also re-launched Buzz Words and have all been given a new level to work on. 
Year 4 have also impressed on our first three swimming lessons. The children have shown impeccable behaviour both on the journeys there and back and also pool side. They have furthermore shown fantastic enthusiasm for swimming and have all been trying their absolute best. 

Week beginning 5th September 2017
What a fantastic first week back! Rowan class have impressed me so much with their impeccable behaviour and superb attitude towards learning. 
Our first week back has been all about 'Growth Mindset'. We have been discussing the power of yet, how we can train our brains and how we can get out of the pit! To help us put our growth mindsets to the test, we took part in a circus skills workshop on Wednesday afternoon. We had a go at many different skills including flower sticks and spinning plates. The skills weren't easy at first, but all children persevered with their growth mindset and made brilliant progress.
We also held a class competition to create a mascot for the Empowering Learning Target- Effective Participators. Well done to Raye who created the winning design- Pete the Participator! The mascot has been created on a bigger scale and will be displayed around school for many years to come.