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Our Learning  »  Class Pages  »  Archive 2017-18  »  Sycamore - Year 5  »  Class Awards

Date Name  Reason
15/09/17 Sophie Adams Excellent investigation skills in Maths, giving a fantastic hypothesis. 
15/09/17 Henry Mason For starting Year 5 on a real high, showing great enthusiasm throughout all subjects. 
22/09/17 Olivia Bolland Always ready to learn! Always being an excellent role model in both her learning and behaviour. 
22/09/17 Olivia Brayshaw  Fantastic behaviour in and out of the classroom, showing great learning across all subjects. 
29/09/17 Charlie Skelton  For showing fantastic team-work skills and always being ready for learning. 
29/09/17 Sophie Bradney  Setting a perfect example in and out of the classroom with both her behaviour and learning. 
06/10/17 Joshua Rush Always person! Showing great effort in both learning and behaviour, setting an excellent example to the class/school. VIP table! 
06/10/17 Ben Kitwood Being one of the first ready to learn and respond to feedback first thing in a morning. Also showing consistency within his writing securing a handwriting pen. 
20/10/17 Ben Turner  Outstanding learning in both Mathematics and English this week, showing positive behaviour and learning. 
20/10/17 Evie Youdan  Lovely fluent writing in her English, beginning her story to Brazil with such a creative imagination and fantastic grammar skills.  
20/10/17 Louis Lace Most consistent handwriting this half-term. 
20/10/17 Olivia Brayshaw Most improved handwriting this half-term. 
03/11/17 Evie Cadman  For always trying her best in everything with a huge smile on her face. 
10/11/17 Leo Marshall Excellent Mathematics skills during the learning this morning. 
10/11/17 Hamanveer Singh Showing excellent behaviour this week.
15/12/17  Evie Youdan  Most consistent handwriting 
15/12/17 Jake Watson Most improved handwriting
15/12/17 Soloists- Evie Youdan, Ben Turner, Alfred Kemp & Charlie Skelton  Fantastic singing and confidence at the carol concert. 
15/12/17 Ruby Moon Always having a smile on her face even when being faced with a challenge. 
19/01/18 Jessica Foster Despite hurting her foot she has shown great enthusiasm.
19/01/18 Jake Watson Excellent attitude to his learning, showing great maturity. 
02/02/18 Kierat Dosanjh Fantastic independent writing across three lessons, in order to write a story about the journey of a raindrop. 
02/02/18 Poppy Carvis Excellent home reading! Keep it going. 
20/04/18 Jessica Foster Fantastic reading comprehension skills. 
20/04/18 Jessica Owen-Hollows Becoming more confident with asking and answering questions. 
20/04/18 Olivia Bolland  Excellent Mathematician: growing in confidence, always asking for the next challenge. 
27/04/18 Joshua Rush  Always person, always making the right choices and helping his peers out in class. 
  Henry Mason Excellent teamwork and leadership skills in rugby.
27/04/18 Ben Turner  Mathematician Award- Excellent perseverance and learning in decimals this week. 
4/05/18 Evie Youdan  Excellent reading skills, showing a great range of tones in her voice to explore different characters. 
4/05/18 Harrison McSwiney  Fantastic behaviour and learning throughout the week. 
4/05/18 Alfred Kemp  Mathematician Award- Showing excellent problem solving and reasoning, using mathematical vocabulary to explain his answers. 
11/05/18 Louis Lace  Fantastic sense of humour in class and always trying hard with his learning and behaviour. 
11/05/18 Libby Goodale Perfect Purple Parkside Pupil (PPPP) Fantastic behaviour and learning role model to the school in and out of class. 
11/05/18 Sophie Bradney Mathematicians Award- Beautiful presentation throughout her learning, using a range of resources to help her perserve through each challenge. 
18/05/18 Aisha Best  Positive behaviour around the classroom. 
18/05/18 Harrision McSwiney  Making a fantastic effort with learning and working as a team leader in Games afternoons. 
18/05/18 Olivia Thomson  Mathematicians Award- Trying her hardest in all her Maths learning, having the confidence to believe in her answers. Also continuing her learning at home. 
25/05/18 Grace Jowett Excellent creativity skills in both her rocket design and pop art canvas. 
25/05/18 Olivia Brayshaw Always setting an excellent example in both her learning and behaviour. PPPP
25/0518 Alfred Kemp  Most improved handwriting award
25/0518 Jessica Foster  Most consistent handwriting award 
25/05/18 Jake Watson  Mathematicians Award- For persevering in his learning and completing more challenging tasks.