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Class Awards

Certificate assemblies take place on Fridays. Pleasefind below a list of certificates awarded.
Date awarded: Name:                                    Reason for certificate:                     
15.9.17 Jacob Hampshire A positive start to Year 6- great attitude to learning.
15.9.17 Georgie Thompson A 'mini -teacher' in the making. Great role-model to others. Keep it up!
22.9.17 Molly Whitaker Teamwork- great, supporting others- great, giving everything a go- great.
22.9.17 Ashton Corbin Great attitude at Robinwood. Tried all activities with a positive attitude.
22.9.17 George Howard Starting the week with a smile and throwing himself into all activities with determination 
29.9.17 Jack Sowden Super role-model. Quiet and conscientious. 
29.9.17 Evie Greenhough Her great attitude and commitment to Leeds Child's Mayor 2017
6.10.17 Ruby Wighton For never giving up when a task gets a little tricky. Always showing resilience.
6.10.17 Jack Sheridan Speaking and Listening- great contributions to our class debate.
20.10.17 Lilliah Hutchinson Attitude to learning- positive and always gives her best. 
20.10.17 Jozefina Balagova Showing great resilience- especially on our cycle to the city centre.
20.10.17 Kyan Taylor Most improved handwriting
20.10.17 Violet Kemp Most consitent handwriter
3.11.17 Daisy Weir Super Year 6 role-model. Even when work is tricky will accept the help and learn from it. Making changes to her learning.
3.11.17 Ben Adams Great learning behaviours- always ready, listening and prepared to learn.
10.11.17 Imogen Thompson Her abiltiy to solve long multiplication and apply this to some tricky reasoning and problemsolving tasks.
10.11.17 Fern Graham Being and 'effective participator' especially within this week's maths learning. A real improvement!
17.11.17 Gracie Fountain A great start to diary writing. Quiet and organised member of the class who always gives 100%.
17.11.17 Sonny Potts A great attitude to reading, super understanding.
24.11.17 Finley Wood Super understanding of fractions and becoming more involved in the maths learning in class.
24.11.17 Ruby Micklefield Great understanding in maths. Helping others around her who are struggling.
8.12.17 Louie Clifford his team work skills and determination during basketball competition
8.12.17 Kyan Taylor working as part of a team and encouraging others
15.12.17 Grace Callaway Starting an activity independently 
15.12.17 Gracie Fountain  
15.12.17 Ruby Wighton Most consistent handwriter
15.12.17 Molly Whitaker Most improved handwriter
5.1.18 Abigail Harvey Returning to school and making some thoughtful New Year's Resolutions
5.1.18 Oscar Hobson Setting clear goals for the term ahead. Always striving to improve.
12.1.18 Jessica Crabtree Excellent independent report on Sikhism, applying all English skills to piece.
12.1.18 Aimee Brady Super role-model. Especially in the way she supports Receprion buddies.
19.1.18 Lilliah Hutchinson Being a reflective learner and always reviewing her work and improving it.
19.1.18 Evie Greenhough Improved confidence in maths. In particular this week's learning about fractions and decimals.
26.1.18 Jack Sowden Super 'spelling powers'. Moving through the buzz word levels fast.
26.1.18 Fern Graham Growing in confidence and putting herself forward more.
2.2.18 George Howard Showing confidence in class debate and organising his group.
2.2.18 Zonye Nwajagu Great presentation of her arguments during class debate. Thoughtful and interesting.
9.2.18 Sonny Potts Becoming more independent with his maths learning and showing a greater understanding of hs basic skills.
9.2.18 Jozefina Balagova Becoming more independent with her maths learning.
9.2.18 Evie Greenhough Most improved handwriter
9.2.18 George Howard Most consistent handwriter.
23.2.18 Ruby Micklefield Challenging herself in maths which is improving her understanding
23.2.18 Ruby Wighton Pushing herself with extra sessions and learning. This shows in her recent assessements.
9.3.18 Paige Drake Helping others to achieve success in their learning.
16.3.18 Lilliah Hutchinson Writing a super diary entry.
16.3.18 Zonye Nwajagu Writing a super diary entry.
23.3.18 Jack Sowden Reading- improved answering of inference questions
23.3.18 Gracie Fountain Being a great Year 6 role-model. 
29.3.18 Louie Clifford Ready for learning and organised.
29.3.18 Jessica Crabtree Most Consistent Handwriter
29.3.18 Oscar Hobson Most Improved handwriter
29.3.18 Georgie Thompson Mathematician- improvement in assessments.
20.4.18 Ashton Corbin Mathematician- Getting stuck in to some really challenging ratio and proportion problem solving questions.
14.5.18 All of Year 6 For their effort during SATS week. All tried their best. Very proud!