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Investors in Pupils

We have been busy introducing this initiative in Key Stage Two, since returning to school in September. Much time has been devoted to considering our 'vision' for happy and productive classrooms. Each class has created their own pupil and teacher 'Promises' to help them achieve their vision for the new school year. Hanging in our classroom is a book to share this information with visitors. There is also a dedicated 'Investors in Pupils' board in each classroom, where pupil achievements can be seen and are celebrated.

What is Investors in Pupils?
Investors in Pupils aims to give children a better understanding of how school works. It supports giving children a voice in school whilst also helping them to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the whole school community.
The Investors in Pupils award is based on five key areas:
Attendance and Punctuality
Classroom Management
What will you see in each classroom?
  • Class Vision
  • Class Promise
  • Teachers Promise
  • A class target
  • Individual pupil targets
  • An induction class book
  • Classroom jobs and responsibilities
  • Class budget display. Each class is given £50 at the beginning of the year. Children will lose money from the budget if equipment is broken. At the end of the year, each class will choose a reward using the money they have left.
  • Pupils should know about the different roles of staff members.
Year 6 Rewards

Year 6 have decided that their class reward chart will be a Basketball net. You can climb up the basketball net for following the class promise and always trying your best. Each week the children that reach the top will receive reward time. In addition to this we will be collecting 10 gems for our jar, the target for this will be a whole-class target. The aim is for the whole class to work together to achieve the target. When the 10 gems are collected we receive a whole-class treat.

Date set: Target: Date Achieved
11.9.17 To line up and move around school silently. 3.11.17
6.11.17 To finish an activity and get ready for the next quickly and quietly  
Willow Class Vision and Promises