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Our Star Awards
Date Name 
15th September 2017 Rufus: For great enthusiasm and effort towards his learning and behaviour.
Evelyn: For her amazing name writing!
22nd September 2017 Lucas: For his great effort towards his learning and super tidying up in class!
Molly: For her lovely attitude towards helping her friends in class.
29th September 2017 William M: For his perserverance in his maths learning- ordering numbers to 10.
Isaac: For his brilliant effort in the independent learning challenges in class.
6th October 2017 Elizabeth: For her excellent effort in her literacy learning- writing a postcard to Barnaby bear
Harry: For his great attitude to learning and his fantastic tidying in class.
18th October 2017  Hazel: For always being ready to learn and putting in maximum effort.
Vinnie: For his amazing effort in writing his name.
Jack: For the most consistent handwriting.
Christopher: For the most improved handwriting.
3rd November 2017 Aida: For super effort in her creative learning.
Betsy: For her lovely writing about her science experiment.
10th November 2017 Edie - For her lovely effort in her learning and super tidying up!
17th November 2017 Ted - For his fantanstic literacy learning- writing all about the winter season Independently.
Boden - For his lovely letter formation and sounding out of letters in words in his litercay learning.
24th November 2017 Indica: For her fantastic independent label writing in her literacy learning.
Millie: For improved name writing!
1st December 2017 Max H: For his fantastic maths learning - ordering numbers to 20!
Tabitha: For always being ready to learn and always following our classroom rules.
8th December 2017 Mia: For her lovely and improved name writing!
Benji: For great effort and confidence in speaking during his christmas perfomance rehearsals.
15th December 2017 Elsie: For the most consistent handwriting.
William O: For the most improved handwriting.
Harrison: For his independent learning in writing - fantastic labelling!
Zek: For his confident attitude towards his learning.
5th January 2018 Ava: For her fantastic behaviour and for always following our class carpet rules.
Lola: For her euthusiastic attitude towards her learning.
12th January 2018 Libby: For her great confidence in P.E- climbing and jumping of an apparatus.
Indica: For her lovely independent writing and letter formation.
19th January 2018 Rufus: For being a kind and caring member of Ash class.
Christopher: For his fantastic and independent sentence writing!
26th January 2018 Ava: For her excellent effort in reading!
Elizabeth: For always having a positive and euthusiastic attitude towards her learning.
2nd February 2018 Vinnie: For his lovely creative learning on Harry Potter day!
Evelyn: For her amazing independent sentence writing about 'Room on the Broom'.
9th February 2018 Aida: For her amazing sentence writing in Literacy!
Harrison: For his super effort and hard work in his phonics learning.
Lucas: For the most improved handwriting.
Jack: For the most consistent handwriting.
Tabi: For always showing beautiful manners at lunchtime.
23rd February 2018 Millie: For being a fantasic team worker!
Harry: For his great team work in P.E.
Hazel: For being an excellent role model in Ash class.
16th March 2018 Benjamin: Maths Mathematician. -For his excellent estimating and ordering of numbers.
William O: For his lovely manners and always helping to look after Ash class.
Zek: For his fantastic sentence writing about Goldilocks and the three bears.
23rd March 2018 Libby: Maths Mathematician - For her excellent addition and recording of her learning.
Tabitha: For her lovely writing in literacy when designing a 'Wanted' poster of Goldilocks.
Elsie: For her fantastic participation in class and super effort in her learning.
20th April 2018 Ted: Maths Mathematician - For challenging himself in addition and subtraction problems.
Max H: For always listening to instructions and his super tidying up.
Isaac: For his fantastic tidying up and for always looking after Ash class!
27th April 2018 Rufus: Maths Mathematician - For his excellent naming and describing of 2d shapes!
Edie: For her amazing sentences writing about the Hungry Caterpillar.
Elizabeth: For always participating and showing great effort in her phonics learning.
4th May 2018 Hazel: Maths Mathematician - For her super mathematical language to describe 3d shapes!
Vinnie: For his amazing sentence about the life cycle of a butterfly.
Betsy: For her fantastic letter formation in her writing!
11th May 2018 Indica: Maths Mathematician - For her amazing doubling of numbers!
Jack: For always having a positive attitude towards his learning.
Ava: For her lovely creative learning - painting of a mini beast.
18th May 2018 Christopher: Maths Mathematician - For his amazing repeating patterns!
Aida: For always being on task and ready to learn!
Boden: For always putting 100% effort into his learning.
25th May 2018 Mia:Maths Mathematician - For her amazing measuring of length and using the language of length!
Edie: For the most consitent handwriting!
Vinnie: For the most improved handwriting!
Will M: For his euthusiastic participation towards his learning.
Harrison: For challenging himself in his literacy learning.
8th June 2018 Millie: For always using her 'thinking thumb' and contributing her ideas with the class.
Harry: For his postitive and enthusiastic attitude towards his learning.
Jack: Maths Mathematician - For always challenging himself in his independent learning - finding 1 more and 1 less of an amount.
15th June 2018 Edie: Maths Mathematician - for recognising and naming money!
Will M: For his super sentence writing in literacy - writing a letter to Postman Pat.
Lola: For always challenging herself in her indepedent learning!
29th June Harry - Maths Mathematician: For his amazing learning in maths - ordering containers by their capacity.
Elizabeth: For her lovely creative learning - drawing a self-portrait!
Indica: For her lovely writing in literacy - writing sentences to create a police report!