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Learning Together Maths
Learning Together English
Learning Together
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Our Learning Together days are designed for you to see how the core subjects are taught in school, the methods we use and how to work through examples with your children. It is also a great chance to ask any questions and should give you all the tools you need to support learning at home. 

Dates we have arranged:
Tuesday 10th October – Maths 3.30pm-4.00pm 
We will look at specific models and images used to help children with the demands of the new curriculum, including the bar model, part-part whole, base ten, numicon, and 100 squares. We will also explore how to solve the types of questions that develop children's fluency, reasoning and problem solving. And finally, I will have some example SATs questions available so you can see what the children need to be able to do by May.
Tuesday 9th January – English 3.30pm-4.00pm
We will look at the importance of questioning in reading and how we can develop the children's understanding of what they are reading to answer complex comprehension questions. We will also take a look at the SPaG (Spelling, Punctiation and Grammar) expected in Year 2 within pieces of writing and how to help children develop these skills to improve their writing. And finally, I will have more examples of the SATs questions for reading and SPaG available so you can see where they need to get to.

Tuesday 20th March - TBC