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Our Learning  »  Class Pages  »  Archive 2017-18  »  Hazel - Year 3  »  Our reflection on the week

Each week, two children will reflect on their learning and experiences from the week. We will use Challenge, Pleasure and Success to talk about our week and all the learning that has taken place. Challenge is all about what we found tricky that week and how we managed to overcome it. Pleasure is what we found enjoyable and Success is describing the things we have acomplished.
Children Reflection of the week
Ethan and Max We have looked at adding and subtracting mentally this week. We have looked at our bonds and recapped them. In English we have done about the Minotaur and the Chimera and learned about Greek Myths and Legends. We have taken our first Buzz word test.
Challenge - Buzz words - they were hard but fun!
Pleasure - We have enjoyed being in Mr Morgan's class and enjoyed the story board we created all about the Chimera.
Success - We won 5 house points each for lining up the smartest and quietest.
Whole class discussion We have been learning our 3 and 4 x table this week. We struggled at the beginning but are getting a lot better. We used conjunctions and adverbs to describe our hero who is going to be in our myth. We are writing them next week.
Challenge - The 4 x table after 5 x 4
Pleasure - We loved the "Hit it" number bond game!
Success - Some brilliant descriptions of our characters.