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Spellings overview - Spring 2 Term

Please see attached the full list of spellings for the Spring 2 half-term. We are currently on week 3.

Decimals - Scheme of Learning - catch-up work

Please see attached the scheme of learning for our Maths decimals unit. The first three lessons have been taught in class and the rest is scheduled to be taught over the ensuing weeks of this half-term. This scheme can be used for catch up work as it includes some examples of Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving for each lessons as well as suggested ways of teaching. There are more resources on The White Rose Maths Website - https://whiterosemaths.com/

Spellings - Spring 1 Term

Please see attached the full list of spellings for the Spring 1 half term.

Maths - Scheme of Learning Spring Term

It was great to see so many parents attend the Stay, Reason and Problem Solving morning! Thanks for coming. The attached document contains the scheme of learning for the Spring Term along with some example fluency and reasoning and problem solving activities which can be used for 'catch up work' for pupils who have been absent and missed the lessons in class. Further reasoning and problem solving tasks can be found on the nrich website - The '15 cards' example from the Reasoning and Problem Solving Day was taken from there and there are lots of other challenging activities on the website as well. https://nrich.maths.org/

Year 3/4 Christmas Production Script

See attached the script for the Christmas Production for pupils to download and use to practise at home.

USA DayUSA Day01 Jan 1970Year 4 had an amazing time on Monday during USA day.  They raised 22 pounds and Mr Cuthbert added another 5 pound (35 dollar donation) which...
USA Day Timetable

An Outline of the activities pupils will take part in on USA Day on 21.10.2019.

Maths - Scheme of Learning Autumn Term

Attached is the scheme of learning which has/will be taught in Year 4 right up until Christmas. We have just finished the second unit of Addition and Subtraction and will be starting (the short) measurement unit before moving onto Multiplication and Division.


Please see attached the spellings for this half term. Pupils will focus on 10 spellings per week, which will be sent home each Friday. Pupils will be tested on these spellings the following Friday.

Catch-up Maths Work

Attached is the scheme of learning for our Maths Place Value unit which includes examples of reasoning and problem solving. We will be coming to the end of this unit next week and pupils will be tested on their learning so far. This scheme can be used at home for pupils who have missed learning due to absence. We will also endeavor to ensure that children catch-up within school through learning re-caps and interventions.

Our Learning LegendOur Learning Legend20 Sep 2019Our Learning Legend is now on the display in the classroom. The Learning Legend acts as our class mascot and re-inforces the values of our...
Optional Homework - North America Research ProjectOptional Homework - North America Research Project19 Sep 2019Our topic this half-term is all about North America. In addition to their learning in class, pupils may wish to conduct their own independent...
A warm welcome to all Rowan Class pupils and parents from Mr Cuthbert! 

We have a very exciting year ahead of us and Year 4 have already begun their hard work.

The first term will be exceptionally busy as Rowan Class will be swimming at Armley Leisure Centre every  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday up until Christmas. This will count as their Physical Education lessons for the first two terms therefore pupils will not require their PE kit until after Christmas.