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Year 6 Half-term Homework Research

Ancient Maya Civilization research- children are to research a topic of their choice. Due in Monday 25th February 2019

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Certificate assemblies take place on a Friday. 2 children will recieve 'Star of the Week' and 1 child will recieve 'Superstar Maths Learner'
Date Awarded:   Name: Certificate:
7.9.18   Jake Watson Great start to Year 6. Positive behaviour and trying hard.
7.9.18   Grace Jowett Super role-model to her buddy.
7.9.18   Charlie Skeleton Mathematic Award- Super mental maths ability.
14.9.18   Sophie Adams Settling into Year 6 as a super role-model
14.9.18   Evie Cadman Mathematics Award- Solving difficult double digit long multiplication
21.9.18   All of Year 6  Great effort in all they did at Robinwood- a credit to the school.
21.9.18   Louis Lace Mathematics Award- Great mental maths skills.
28.9.18   Alfred Kemp Team work during basketball.
28.9.18   Joshua Glynn Scoring a great shot in basketball and contributing to his team.
28.9.18   Olivia Bolland Mathematics Award- super problem solving, showing resilience in completing.
5.10.18     ARTS WEEK- in class awards 
5.10.18     ARTS WEEK- in class awards 
5.10.18     ARTS WEEK- in class awards 
9.11.18   Poppy Carvis Mr Jones- for working hard 
16.11.18   Josh Glynn Mr Jones- for working hard 
16.11.18   Harrison Mcswiney Mr Jones- for working hard 
23.11.18   Charlie Skeleton Achieving high marks on the arithmetic paper.
23.11.18   Jacob Myers Achieving high marks on the arithmetic paper.
23.11.18   Hamanveer Singh Using efficent method for solving fraction questions
30.11.18   Poppy Carvis Creative description of Scrooge from A Christmas Carol
30.11.18   Jake Watson Engaging with our class story of A Christmas Carol and making some interesting comments.
11.01.19   Louis Excellent decimals reasoning skills.
11.01.19   Jake Watson For starting the new year with an excellent attitude to his learning.
11.01.19   Hamanveer Always prompt in starting our morning register starter activities.
18.01.19   Leo Writing a fantastic setting description using all of the senses and including figurative language.
18.01.19   Libby Writing a beautiful setting description using figurative language.
18.01.19   Poppy Excellent understanding of decimals this week.
25.01.19   Leo Excellent progress in Reading SATs score.
25.01.19   Libby Excellent progress in Reading SATs score
25.01.19   Olivia Bolland Best improver in Arithmetic SATs paper
01.02.19   Olivia Brayshaw Always working hard and challenging herself in every maths lesson.
01.02.19   Evie Cadman Exceptional debate speech this week.
01.02.19   Sophie Bradney For an impressive first attempt at writing a balanced discussion text.
08.02.19   Grace For her excellent understanding of algebra this week
08.02.19   Jake Watson An excellent discussion text this week- well-structured,and great use of vocabulary.
08.02.19   Kierat Great improvement in maths lessons
15.02.19   Olivia Bolland Handwriting Award- most consistent.
15.02.19   Patrick Hand writing Award- best improver.
15.02.19   Jessica Foster An excellent first draft of her chapter opening.
15.02.19   Partick An excellent chapter opening.
01.03.19   Evie Cadman Excellent attitude maths and working independently in class.
01.03.19   Charlie For always supporting his peers in maths
01.03.19   Henry Fantastic personal recount letter this week
08.03.19   Grace Creative artwork for Reading Week
08.03.19   Evie Youdon Reading with great expression with Year 3 buddy this week.
08.03.19   Harrison Challenging himself in maths this week.
15.03.19   Jake Myers Going above and beyond expectations by doing extra writing at home.
15.03.19   Libby Perservering with editing her writing this week.
15.03.19   Josh Achieving his first 100% in his arithmetic paper.
22.03.19   Leo Making fantastic progress in his writing.
22.03.19   Ben Turner Making excellent progress in maths
22.03.19   Evie Youdon Exceptional first draft of her Lady Macbeth monologue.
29.03.19   Kierat Best improvement in handwriting
29.03.19   Poppy Most consistent handwriting
29.03.19   Jake Myers Best mathematician of spring term.
29.03.19   Olivia T Always putting 100% effort into all subjects
29.03.19   Ben W Always putting 100% effort into all subjects
26.04.19   Patrick For his effort in reading and maths
26.04.19   Henry For perservering with long division
26.04.19   Harrison For his effort in reading this week      
03.05.19   Ben Turner Excellent progress in reading
03.05.19   Ben Kitwood Challenging himself with 3 chilli questions this week
03.05.19   Harrison Excellent first draft of his diary this week.
10.05.19   Libby Giving 100% in maths this week
10.05.19   Patrick Fantastic progress made in the detail of his reading answers
10.05.19   Ben K Another fantastic week. 100% effort in ALL subjects 
17.05.19   Whole Class For theit fantastic attitude this week- well done all!
17.05.19   Josh Showing great resilience and never giving up!
24.05.19   Kierat Best improvement in handwriting
24.05.19   Jessica Foster Most consistent handwriter
24.05.19   Charlie Exceptional knowledge on the Tudors
24.05.19   Evie C Her positivity and committment to learning- even after breaking her arm!
24.05.19   Louis, Grace, Leo and Evie Y A fantastic scaled drawing of the Houses of Parliament.
07.06.19   Poppy For supporting others during our maths investigation this week
07.06.19   Ben Kitwood For his setting ideas for our short story
07.06.19   Patrick For an original story plot this week
14.06.19   Josh Exceptonal landscape design in maths
14.06.19   Charlie Great singing- 100% effort!
14.06.19   Evie C Joining in stage production with such positivity
21.06.19   Aisha Best Showing great perseverance at Junior Warrior
21.06.19   Alfred Kemp Showing great determination at Junior Warrior
28.06.19   Harrison Superb ukulele playing
28.06.19   Grace Superb ukulele playing
28.06.19   Louis Superb ukulele playing
28.06.19   Kierat excellent investigation skills
05.07.19   Ruby Fantastic acting skills
05.07.19   Jake Watson Great comical timing
05.07.19   Alfred Amazing improvement in both maths and reading
12.07.19   Willow Class Their exceptional end of year performance this week- well done all- you've made me very proud!