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Investors in Pupils

We have been busy in class considering our 'vision' for a happy and productive classroom. We have created our own pupil and teacher 'Promises' to help us achieve our vision for the new school year. Hanging in our classroom is a book to share this information with visitors. There is also a dedicated 'Investors in Pupils' board in our room, where pupil achievements can be seen and are celebrated.

What is Investors in Pupils?
Investors in Pupils aims to give children a better understanding of how school works. It supports giving children a voice in school whilst also helping them to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the whole school community.
The Investors in Pupils award is based on five key areas:
Attendance and Punctuality
Classroom Management
What will you see in each classroom?
  • Class Vision
  • Class Promise
  • Teachers Promise
  • A class target
  • Individual pupil targets
  • An induction class book
  • Classroom jobs and responsibilities
  • Class budget display. Each class is given £50 at the beginning of the year. Children will lose money from the budget if equipment is broken. At the end of the year, each class will choose a reward using the money they have left.
  • Pupils should know about the different roles of staff members.

In Year 6 we have 2 reward systems:

Individually we collect basketballs for great work, following the school rules and being a role model. When we reach the net at the top we receive a class treat. These include: extra playtime, computer time, games time or an early pass to lunch.

As a class we collect gems. When we collect 10 class gems we receive a whole-class treat. These include: a dvd afternoon, coming to school in our own clothes or a sports afternoon.

Date: Target: Date Acheived: