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Remote Learning

March Reopening


School will be reopening on Monday 8th March to all children. The majority of children will be in the classroom being taught a full curriculum, after a period of settling back in to learning in school. In the event that some children may need to be at home as a result of the requirement to self-isolate, or if a bubble needs to close, we have created a Curriculum Delivery Plan which explains the provision which will be in place for the different eventualities. 


                 Remote Education- Monday 11th until Monday 8th March


Full details of our remote education offer can be viewed by clicking on the document below.. 


From Monday 11th January, our remote learning will be delivered through Google Classroom. This can be accessed here.

Each child has an individual email address and password to enable them to access their class. If you do not have this, please contact the school office.


A short instructional video which explains the basics of Google Classroom can be viewed here


Here are some written instructions which explain how to access Google Classroom on different devices:


Accessing on a smartphone or tablet:

Download the Google Classroom app from the relevant app store.

Once the app has downloaded, open it.

Then, your child needs to:

  • Log in to their G Suite for Education account
  • Select that this account is a ‘Pupil’
  • select their class from the displayed options 

Accessing from a laptop or PC:

Your child needs to:

  • Go to
  • Log in to their Google account. This screen may look different depending on whether or not a different Google account is already signed into. You may be able to go straight to the Google Classroom or you may have to add a different account. 
  • Click Accept to the agreement
  • Continue to Google Classroom with the ‘Continue’ Button
  • Select ‘I am a student’ and click your classroom