Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Autumn 1

This is what we will be learning about this first half term in Year 2. More information about the different subjects can be found in the 'Curriculum' section of the school website.



Our main focus text will be 'The Bear and The Piano' by David Litchfield. We will be reading this in our daily reading lessons and using it to develop the children's retrieval and inference skills using different activities such as role play and hot seating. We will have 5 reading sessions each week.



During our writing lessons, we will be writing a recount after a morning trip to Calverley Woods. We will be focusing on capital letters and full stops in our sentences.  We will also be looking at descriptive language and children will learn nouns, adjectives and verbs. The children will then write their own independent recount on a trip to the local library.



This half term, we will be learning about:

Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Place Value: In Year 2, your child will learn to compare and order numbers from 1 to 100. They will recognise the place value of two-digit numbers, and will be able to use this to solve problems. They will also make more use of number lines and will be able to use less than (<), more than (>), and equals (=) symbols.


Addition and Subtraction: Pupils will be taught to solve problems with addition and subtraction, recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100, add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally and use this to check calculations and solve missing number problems.



This half term we will be learning about the 'Uses of Everyday Materials.' The knowledge organiser for this can be found below.




Year 2 will be learning Pole to Pole. We will be looking at both the North and South Pole. We will look at the animals living there, temperatures, and the effect of global warming. Our knowledge organiser is found below.



Design and Technology:

This half term, the children will be designing and making a boat which will float - linking with our Science topic - 'Uses of Everyday materials.' The boat must be powered by the wind,


Religious Education:

In RE, we will be looking at  'New Beginnings'. This topic will see us go to the local church and look at Baptism. We will compare Christian faiths with the Islamic faith and a humanist faith.