Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Summer 2

This is what we will be learning about this half term in Year 3. More information about the different subjects can be found in the 'Curriculum' section of the school website.



Our main focus text this half term is George's Marvellous Medicine. We will be doing reading lessons on a daily basis to develop children's vocabulary, retrieval and inference questions. 



During our writing lessons, we will be writing an adventure narrative and instructions based on George's Marvellous Medicine. The main techniques we will be focusing on are pathetic fallacy, complex sentences, inner thoughts and imagination.







This half term, we will be learning about Properties of Shape and Mass/Capacity. 




This half term we will be learning about Plants. We will be looking at the growth and functions of a plant.


Geography- We will be learning about Earthquakes. More detailed information about what we will be learning about can be found here