Calverley Parkside Primary School

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Summer 2

Welcome to the Summer 2 term in Nursery.

Our theme for this term is 'In The Garden'.


Throughout this topic, your child will:


  • Begin to talk about and describe what they see, hear and feel whilst outside.
  • Begin to know that plants and animals have names and begin to know the names of some common plants, trees and animals. 
  • Begin to develop an understanding of what plants need in order to grow.
  • Develop their understanding of how to care for the natural environment and all living things.




Key vocabulary


minibeast, bird, insect, bees, wasp, ladybird, slug, woodlouse, earth worm, centipede, millipede, spider, butterfly, caterpillar, cocoon, lifecycle, robin, wood pigeon, blackbird, magpie, bluetit, plants, flower, dandelion, buttercup, daisy, petals, stem, leaf, root, seed, alive, living, soil, water, sunlight, grow,  beak, wings, legs, tail, chirp, waddle, swim, fly, scoop, peck






At Parkside, we follow the 'Floppy Phonics' scheme from Oxford Reading Tree. We will be working throughout the year within level 1 of this scheme, tuning into environmental sounds, hearing out for rhyme and alliteration, body percussion and developing our skills in speaking in full sentences using connectives in our speech.  





In maths this half term we will be learning and revisiting a range of different skills such as

- Comparing quantities

- Ordering by height - taller and shorter.

- Counting out objects out of a larger group 

- Length - longest and shortest

 - Positional language

- Number of the week (5-10)

- Solving real world mathematical problems

- Naming some simple 3d shapes


We will do this through short carpet sessions, focused activities as well as through the provision in the classroom and outdoor classroom. As you will already be aware, we do lots of learning through play in our Nursery, therefore many of these skills will be built upon in your child's self-chosen activities in the classroom. 


In addition to this, we will use 'Number time' as we have done previously in the Summer 1 term to focus on one number per week (5-10 this half term).