Calverley Parkside Primary School

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School Dinners

School Meals

Children may enjoy a healthy school meal or eat a packed lunch brought from home. Please do not send glass bottles, flasks or cans. We do not have our own kitchen and so the majority the hot food is cooked off-site and transported in. Some hot food and all our chilled provision is prepared on-site. Our caterers, Catering Leeds have worked very hard to make the food of the highest quality.

School is registered with SchoolMoney, as it now operates a cashless system. Please pay for your school meals a week in advance. The current daily price is £2.05 for Nursery children and £2.40 for KS2 children.

Children in KS2 who qualify for free school meals will continue to be provided with a meal without charge.

Universal Free School Meals
All children in Reception/Year1/Year 2 classes are able to eat a school meal without charge under the Universal Free School Meal initiative introduced in September 2014. School budget covers the cost of the meals provided. Caterers must provide a carefully designed menu that conform with the highest nutritional standards.

If you want to swap your child from UFSM to sandwiches please let the school office know a week in advance. If we are not informed, school is still paying for lunches that are not eaten. Thank you.