Calverley Parkside Primary School

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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 in Willow class!



This half term we will be writing our own flashback narratives using Kensuke's Kingdom for inspiration! We will be recapping how to use the passive voice, relative clauses and a wide range of punctuation including dashes and semicolons. Within this narrative, we will also work on building our descriptions using our sentence stacking boomtastics and fantastics. 



We'll be having a focus on non-fiction texts in our reading lessons to hone our inference and vocabulary skills. We'll be reading a range of texts about rivers, oceans, electricity and light and continuing to discuss our thoughts. Last half term we finished reading Kensuke's Kingdom during story time (we very much enjoyed it!) and so following an almost unanimous vote, we will be enjoying reading 'Fear Ground' by Jennifer Killick at the end of every day.



We will be working on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions for the first few weeks of this half term and once we have mastered that, we will look at position and direction. This will involve translation and refelction through the four quadrants. To finish off, in the lead up to Christmas, we will be working with decimals and looking at their relationship to fractions and percentages. 



In preparation for our trip to Malham in the Spring term, we will continue our work on Rivers and the Yorkshire Dales. We will be looking into detail at how rivers are formed, the effects of flooding and pollution as well as honing our map reading skills.



Our PE days this half term will remain as Mondays and Fridays. Having been succesful in our Rugby unit, we will be moving on and learning Netball and Dodgeball. Mondays will continue to be planned as outdoor sessions so please make sure that warm PE kit in dark blue or black is worn. 



To complete our PSHE unit on RSE, we will be learning all about conception, pregnancy and parenthood. This topic can often reaise many questions so please let us know if you'd like any further information on what we cover. We will also be doing some Mind Mate lessons to take a look at our mental health. These lessons will include learning about self integrity and why it's good to be different.



This term we will be spending time focusing on Online Safety, in particular, looking at our own digital footprint and screen time. We will also be using spreadsheets to learn how to manage our money and explore probability. 



Our Ukelele skills are really coming along, we've learnt a selection of chords and can strum in time whilst switching between them. This half term we will continue to build on these skills with more complex tunes as well as adding to our repetoire of chords.