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North America Research Project.


To link in with our North America topic, I am setting an optional homework project for pupils to further their learning at home should they wish to. There are some ideas to focus learning below. Pupils can simply record their research in a workbook (which can be given to them from school) or they could even create a PowerPoint presentation to show to the class.

  • Pick a country in North America to research. Find out about the human and physical geography there. Compare the country with the UK. How are they similar and different?
  • Pick a city in North America to compare with a city in the UK.
  • Research a national park in the USA. You could draw some pictures of the landscapes or create some fact files for the animals that you might find within the national park.
  • Draw a map North America labelling the geographical features such as countries, capital cities, oceans, rivers and mountain ranges.
  • Research the different habitats within North America and the animals that live within them.
  • Plan a journey across the USA and plot it on a map. Research what you would find as you stop off at each destination.
  • Research an American artist such as Andy Warhol and create a piece of art based on their style.


The deadline for handing in work for the project is Friday 9th December. We will find some time to share work/ presentations during the last week of the term before Christmas.

Any work can be emailed to:

Kind regards,

Mr Cuthbert


(Year 4 Teacher)