Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Spring 1

This is what we will be learning about during the second half term in Year 3. More information about the different subjects can be found in the 'Curriculum' section of the school website.


This half term we will be reading Stig of the dump. We will focus on specific chapters each week and take part in daily lessons that will help to develop key reading skills. We will be focusing on our retrieval and inference skills in particular.



This half term we will be writing a narrative using  the book 'Stig of the dump' for inspiration. 



This half term in maths we will be learning about the following:



This half term we will be learning about Plants. We will explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant.



Year 3 will be learning about Stone Age to Iron Age during this term. We will start off with the starting point from British history from their chronological understanding will develop throughout key stage 2. Children will understand that significant changes occurred within this period such as developing settlements and the making of tools for farming.


Religious Education (RE)-

In RE this term we will continue to learn about Judaism


PE -

In PE this half-term, we will develop skills in relation to volleyball and dance every Wednesday and Thursday.