Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Summer 2

Willow Class Learning


Our last term together at Parkside is jam-packed full of exciting experiences and learning! We'll be visiting Malham, taking part in Junior Warrior, performing on stage in the Big Samba project and having lots of leavers fun (hopefully not too many tears!).



This term in Reading we will be focusing on developing our reading tastes and finishing reading 'When the Sky Falls' by Phil Earle. 



We're writing another spine tingling, creepy thriller based on a short film: 'Alma'. We're developing our ability to build tension using a selection of long and short sentences and noticing minute actions. We'll also be rewriting one of our first pieces in year 6 to see just how for we have come!



In Maths, we'll be handing the reins over to the children to plan and deliver a set of stand-alone revision lessons now that we've covered all of the content. In addition to this, we'll be learning lots of life-skills such as: how to budget, mortgages, bills and profit and loss.



In Science we will be looking at all things Light! To investigate how light is reflected we will even be building our very own periscopes! A full knowledge organiser can be found here. And an overview of our Science curriculum here.



In preparation for our trip to Malham, we will be learning all about the Yorkshire Dales with a focus on how rivers are formed and the different physical features to be explored. Our knowledge organiser can be found here. We will also be honing our map reading skills so that we won't get lost! For an overview of this Geography topic plase click here. 



This term we will be trying to cross a river with limited materials: will Year 6 be able to build sturdy enough structures to support pulleys, a basket and an electrical motor? We will be developing our sawing, measuring and construction skills alongside our understanding of how to power a pulley wheel using an electrical motor. More information can be found in this document.



 This term we are very lucky to have the Leeds Rhinos in to devliver some Cricket training sessions. This will be every Friday. We will also be continuing with our Real Gym sessions on Wednesdays as the children develop their use of equipment within sequences.



In PSHE, we will be learning all about how to keep ourselves safe out and about! We'll be delving into how to make good choices under peer pressure which will be a great life skill. We will also be having extra mind mate sessions on self image, social media and integrity.



This term, we will continue using Purple Mash to learn all about Networks, making Quizzes and an introduction to binary.