Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Autumn 1

This is what we will be learning about this half term in Year 3. More information about the different subjects can be found in the 'Curriculum' section of the school website.


Reading- Our main focus text this half term is Iron Man. We will be doing reading lessons on a daily basis to develop children's vocabulary, retrieval and inference questions. 



To start off this half term in writing, we will be doing a narrative based on Iron Man. The main techniques we will be focusing on are repetition for effect, personification and alliteration.  During the latter part of the half-term, we will be writing a poem based on Autumn is here together before creating our own, individual seasonal poem.



Maths-This half-term, we will be studying place value before moving onto addition and subtraction. See below for the steps we will cover in each unit: 


Science-  This half term we will be learning about Forces and Magnets- we will be looking at how magnets can attract and repel. We will also be looking at the magnetic materials. 


Art and Design- Our art/ design work for this half term will be digital art. This will include looking at stop motion process (that it is a series of still images which have been taken one after the other, with slight changes made to each drawing. This gives the impression that it is moving)


History- Our history topic this term is Ancient Egypt. This will include investigating the importance of the River Nile in where settlements were built and how they used the land. 


RE- In RE this half-term, we will ask the question: 'Who can inspire us?' This unit will explore the concept of leadership and will be an introduction to Jesus, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Moses who are important leaders for Christians, Muslims and Jews. They will also learn about the specific characteristics of leaders, why they are inspirational and how they taught key elements of the faith through stories. Towards the end of the unit we will study a modern-day leader, analysing the impact they have on society.