Calverley Parkside Primary School

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Support Plans and Provision Maps

Support for your child:


Children at Calverley Parkside who have been recognised as having a Special Educational Need or disability, will be placed on the SEND register in school. Your child's class teacher will work alongside the SENDCo and other staff in school to prepare a support plan for your child, if this is felt appropriate.


Think includes a 'Pupil Profile', which will detail information about your child:

This also will include individual targets for your child to achieve during a term:


After each term, teachers, the SENDCo and parents gather for a meeting to discuss progress against these targets, and offer an opportunity for collaborative planning of next steps and celebrations of success.


To best support your child, provision and support is regularly reviewed, using our 'Provision Maps.'

These detail strategies that have been used to best support your child.