Calverley Parkside Primary School

Ready Respectful Responsible

Vision and Values

Our Core Values


At Calverley Parkside, we have three core values which have been agreed in collaboration with all members of our school community. Our core vales are:


Ready, Respectful, Responsible


This is our Parkside Promise:




Our shared vision:



Our pupils are confident and caring individuals who are proud of their own uniqueness and successes. They are happy in their learning and set high expectations of themselves in all areas. They demonstrate independence and effective team-working skills and understand the importance of being a positive role model and taking ownership of their own learning journey.



At Calverley Parkside, we have an engaging, ambitious and inclusive curriculum which results in happy learners who achieve their potential in all areas, children being prepared for modern-day life, a lifelong love of learning and a positive mindset.



All members of the school community are proud to be a part of our welcoming, inspiring and safe environment which effectively supports learning and development in a challenging and nurturing way.



Calverley Parkside is a school at the heart of the community which everybody in the local community is proud of. We celebrate and share our successes and are fully involved in local events, with our children understanding how they can positively contribute to where they live and those who live there.