Calverley Parkside Primary School

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The Writing Process

Writing at Calverley Parkside


At Parkside we have adopted Jane Considine’s sentence stacking approach to writing from ‘The Write Stuff’, from Reception all the way up to Year 6. Writing lessons are structured into three smaller learning chunks. Each learning chunk has three distinct parts for a writing lesson; Initiate, Model and Engage. Initiate is a time to inspire pupils. This is short but effective. Model is the bridge between ideas gathering and articulating the thought processes of a writer at work. Engage is the opportunity for pupils to showcase what they can do within particular writing parameters. 

A writing unit also features experience days in which the children take part in role play and other immersive activities based around a model text, exciting event or stimulus. Coupled with the sentence stacking and planning lessons, this approach gives children all of the tools and support that they need to draft an effective narrative or non-fiction piece. We then spend time editing this writing using editing stations and peer support. Teachers model this process and provide supporting resources such as word mats in addition to their feedback. 

Each half-term, the children publish a piece of their writing which goes into their writing portfolio that follows them on their journey through school. We proudly display examples of this writing in every classroom. 

Teachers carefully plan opportunities for the children to write for different purposes and across the curriculum so that they can develop their skills to become well-rounded writers who understand the audience and purpose that they are writing for.