Calverley Parkside Primary School

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Summer 1

Summer 1 - Our final full term at Parkside!


Willow class will soon be able to show off all their hard work in our upcoming SATs tests Tuesday 9th May - Friday 12th May. They have been working so hard revising and practising all of the skills they have learned and they are more than ready - we are so proud of you! Each day that week, we will be opening the classroom early for a delicious SATs breakfast for all of the Year 6 children!



In Reading, not only will we continue reading a selection of text extracts as part of our revision, but we will begin a new exciting story: The Odyssey (an adaptation of the masterpiece by Homer, written by Gillian Cross). We will be enjoying the beautifully illustrated version during our storytime sessions each day, but we will also be delving into some interesting inference, retrieval and vocabulary activities around key chapters. 



This half term, we'll be kicking off by writing non-chronological reports about the Circulatory System (a topic that we have previously covered in Science). We'll be honing our use of a range of punctuality to fully explain some technical vocabulary and make the text easy for our audience to understand. We are also looking forward to writing our own Greek Myths featuring some creative creatures and exciting adventures. 



Each day we will be revising different topics to keep all of our learning fresh in our heads before the SATs. Everyone has made a real effort recently with improving their arithmetic scores! Keep it up!

After SATs, we'll be undertaking some maths projects that will help Year 6 prepare for the future, things like budgeting and scheduling. 



This term we will begin our final history topic of the year: Ancient Greece. We'll cover: information all about the city states, with a focus on Athens and Sparta; the origins of the Olympics; the role that the Greek Gods played in their lives and the Agora. 



Our Art this half term will feature around Greek landscapes. We will be looking at a range of art from Paul Klee and Frank Webb and honing our watercolour techniques. We will sketch out landscapes, and use a range of colours to build our own final piece.



In PE this half term, we will be doing Tennis on Tuesday afternoon and Rounders on a Friday afternoon. Both of these sessions will be outside so suitable footwear and PE kit will need to be worn. Next half term we will have a weekly session with the Leeds Rhinos!