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Natural Wonders of the World

The Natural Wonders of the World


This theme week took place in the week beginning the 18th October 2021. It had a clear Geography focus and during the week each class learnt about a different Natural Wonder of the World. Here is what we learnt about:


Nursery and Reception: The Great Barrier Reef

Year 1: Victoria Falls

Year 2: Mount Everest

Year 3: The Grand Canyon

Year 4: The Harbour of Rio

Year 5: Paricutin

Year 6: The Northern Lights


Children used maps, atlases and globes to learn about where the place was in relation to where they live and they studied the human and physical features of the places. In addition to the Geography work which was covered, each class produced a piece of writing and a piece of artwork. Examples of the class displays which were created to showcase the work can be seen below.