Calverley Parkside Primary School

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School Closure

School Closure


Schools are at the centre of all communities. They help to keep children safe as well as allowing families to function normally, therefore the only reason that would close school would be if the safety and well-being of pupils was compromised.

In the very unlikely event of school needed to close to pupils, families would be informed at the earliest opportunity. This would be done via one (or hopefully all) of the following;
  • Parent text service (please ensure your details are up to date)
  • School to parent/carer email service
  • School website announcement
  • Weekly newsletter

If you think school might be closed, please refer to these before contacting school. Phone lines need to remain free so that staff can report their progress to work.

Snow Plan


In the unlikely event of a school closure due to snow, we would inform all families via T2P text messaging and the school website home page scrolling banner. This would be done at the earliest opportunity, probably before 7am so alternative childcare arrangements could be made.

Please do not phone school to see if we are open. Phone lines need to remain free so that staff can contact school to report their travel progress. If you have changed any of your contact details please let the school office know so that any communication does reach you.

Parkside Kids Club

This would be a priority area of the school to get open and ready for normal start times. If there was any chance of delay in opening, families would be texted at the earliest opportunity. If the annexe was difficult to open, staff would likely use the main school facilities instead.

Polite Request

Staff often spend a lot of time clearing snow from pathways and playgrounds so that children can safely play during breaks and lunchtime. We ask that children enjoy throwing snow beyond the school grounds so that cleared areas to do not ice over again.

If you have some spare time (and a snow shovel), any help clearing the school grounds is much appreciated. Staff normally arrive from 6.30am, so any help from that time onward is a huge support. If no further snowfall or rain is forecast, staff attempt to clear the main playgrounds.

If driving to school, please do not drop off children on the snow covered yellow zig-zag areas at the front of school. In slippy driving conditions, keeping this safe crossing point is even more essential.


Playing in the Snow


Do send your children in warm clothing so that they can play out during the day. Classes are sent outside for breaks if possible, even if it is snowing. Some children bring a change of footwear which is fine. EYFS children do often get the opportunity to explore the winter weather in the EYFS outdoor classroom which has soft surfaces or venture across to the park. Because we have no grassed area in main school, we unfortunately cannot allow KS1 and KS2 children to play in the snow due to the high chance of slipping on a concrete area. Staff undoubtedly encourage the children to use Victoria Park before and after school to enjoy the winter fun.